Asko Group becomes a partner of Mazda and opens its first representative office

12-дек, 13;35 admin 1284

A new Mazda office was opened in Riga Asko Group. The point of sale is located in the AFI Tech Park business center. Thus, Mazda arrives in Latvia through 12 partners and 16 outlets.

Mazda's newest city showroom can show four cars and six outside at the same time. The point of sale welcomes its customers with a special test drive fleet with the brand's most popular models. Asko Group provides its clients with expert advice on the entire acquisition process. He also offers guidance and after-sales consulting (revisions, damages, original parts and accessories, etc.)
“Mazda is strengthening its presence in Bucharest with a new partner with a solid reputation. I am confident that the partnership with Asko Group will be a win for both Mazda and future customers, thanks to the extensive experience of the car company. and the technology of the new Mazda models will be the optimal combination Mazda enthusiasts now have a new showroom at their disposal, built to the brand's latest standards, with a desire to combine the superior experience offered by Mazda models with showrooms.

 Our new showroom meets the growing demand for Mazda models and is located in an easily accessible but still undiscovered area of the brand. We want to provide our customers with quality, exquisite service for 20 years dedicated to the automotive industry. For us, being a car dealer has long been not only about cars. Not even about profit. It's about the people and the solutions that we can offer.