Mazda to unveil electric model at Tokyo Auto Show next month

12-дек, 13;43 admin 1224

Mazda will unveil an all-electric model at the Tokyo Auto Show next month. A number of electric prototypes will be unveiled in Tokyo, some of which are also available for test drive, meaning they will be functional, according to Mazda spokesman Yoshikazu Nagai. Prototypes will use the new CX-30 compact crossover architecture. However, Nagai confirmed that the car will be a “new model” and not just an electrified CX-30.

There are speculations that the electric model will have a 35.5 kWh battery pack and one electric motor that will produce 142 hp. from. and a torque of 264 Nm. The capacity of the battery makes us think that it will have an autonomy of 241 km, roughly on par with the new Mini Cooper SE. Test drive Mazda CX-30: Jinba Ittai with perfect proportions.
The naturally-sucked 2.0-liter and 122-horsepower engine might be controversial as you can get similar power from a cylinder halfway to the test car, but maybe this is where all the Mazda cars charm - the refusal to ditch the intake engines - is possible. Between 1,500 and 4,000 rpm, the engine has a very quick response to throttle strokes, and the "elasticity" that shows up in circles is formidable.

I would mention here the ease of handling and precision of the manual steering column, which gets along very well with the engine. Together they resulted in a mixed consumption of 8.2 liters in percentage km, city + highway on a total area of over 400 km, in August, with air conditioning on all the time.