Some Mazda BT-50 fixes presented to the public

12-дек, 14;02 admin 1242

A revised version of the Mazda BT-50 pickup truck was presented to the public. Already the third generation of the car is successfully sold in Australia and the USA, thanks to its high-quality performance and a good engine. By the way, it remained the same - a 190 hp four-cylinder diesel engine. and 450 N • m of torque. In other moments, the pickup has changed significantly.

The basic BT-50 package includes 17-inch wheels, updated LED headlights, a multimedia system, decent air conditioning, automatic windows and automatic cruise control. There is also a system that helps the car to start uphill, as well as an emergency braking system for steep descent.

At the same time, prices for Mazda BT-50 in Australia start at AU $ 36 550. It is not as expensive as it might seem at first glance and is quite comparable in cost to similar models of American and Australian production. It must be admitted that the pickups of the Japanese manufacturer are in high demand in the West due to their comfort and the presence of numerous functions.

In general, the model turned out to be very successful, and we are sure that it will definitely find its consumer!