New Mazda dealership

12-дек, 14;07 admin 1309

ATP Motors has opened a new Mazda representative office in Latvia. Mazda's second point of sale serving Riga is on the ATP Motors platform.

Inside Mazda's newest showroom, customers will be able to interact with four vehicles, while the test fleet, already available to customers, includes the brand's most popular models. ATP Motors provides its customers with specialized advice on the entire procurement process, guidance and after-sales advice to the highest Mazda standards: from mechanics, diagnostics and computer geometry, to roofers, paints, parts and accessories.

The first ATP Motors dealer started in 2008. Since June 2010, ATP Motors has been an authorized dealer in the Mazda network.


There are 2 Mazda auto centers operating in the specialized market of the North-West region of the country: in Baia Mare and in Oradea. New opportunities are now opening up by expanding business in the area and strengthening ATP Motors' position as a major player in the automotive market. The only drawback of the interior is the USB connector located by itself in the second half of the board. Without a cover, it seems incomprehensible how he found his place there, especially since another USB connector and cigarette lighter socket found their place in the armrest. It is easy to reach, but also the most unpleasant element of the interior.