Mazda3 wins top prize at 2019 Red Dot Awards

12-дек, 14;09 admin 1281

The new Mazda3 won the "Red Dot: Best Of The Best" award in the Red Dot 2019 Product Design Competition.

To match the Kodo: Soul of Motion philosophy, the designers of the new Mazda3 have removed the edges to make the body panels reflect their surroundings. The "less is more" approach applies to the entire vehicle.

“Beauty by simplicity is a key design principle of the Mazda3,” explains Yasutake Tsuchida, chief designer of the new model. "But this is more than minimalism. Coming up with such a clean design takes a lot of effort and sophistication through trial and error. And this is what we think can only be created by the human hands of our fashion designers."

Machine performance reflects this way of thinking. Built to enhance driving pleasure, the new Mazda3 feels completely natural as it accelerates, turns or brakes, but filters the road's reactions before they are felt by passengers. The salon is located in perfect symmetry with the driver.

An international jury selected less than 100 products for the Best Of The Best award from over 5,500 entries received from 55 countries. Selection criteria include innovation, functionality, ergonomics and durability.

This is the seventh Red Dot award to date for Kodo Mazda models, after being received by the MX-5 RF in 2017, MX-5 Soft Top, CX-3 and Mazda2 (all in 2015), the previous generation Mazda3 ( 2014) and Mazda6 (2013).