A New or Pre-Owned Mazda – which one should you buy?

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Both used and new Mazda models offer undeniable benefits when owning a Mazda. In a discussion about buying a pre-owned Mazda, we invite you to join the innovative ad portal dalder.lv, which offers car buyers a wide base of sellers and options between used and new Mazda vehicles on a single market platform.

This is the only classifieds site in Latvia where each seller has their own mini-site where you can read reviews from other buyers. Thus, the dalder.lv portal can be considered the safest advertising portal in Latvia today, which gives buyers the opportunity to check the identity and reputation of the seller even before inspecting the car.

We will talk more about which Mazda to buy – used or new – below.

How reliable are Mazda vehicles?

If the buyer has made a choice in favour of a used car, it should be noted that the reliability indicators of different brands vary significantly. The reliability rating is determined taking into account 3 factors: how often the car breaks down, what guarantees are provided, and average repair costs and time required.

Based on these 3 evaluation criteria, Mazda was voted the most reliable vehicle in customer reviews. Survey data show that buyers of this brand of cars are less likely to be disappointed.

Mazda's rating in the reliability table reaches 83. At the same time, the next most reliable models are as follows: Toyota (ranking: 74), Lexus (ranking: 71) and Honda (ranking: 63). Car manufacturers such as Volkswagen received the lowest scores (ranking: 36), whereas the next one was marked as Tesla (ranking: 29).

Considering customer reviews, it can be concluded that buying a Mazda is safer in both the used and new car markets. These cars break down less often and overall repair costs are lower when driving a Mazda compared to other brands.

Which Mazda models are the most reliable?

The following Mazda models received the highest marks: Mazda CX-30, Mazda CX-9, Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-3, Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. These Mazda models are proof that beautiful car design doesn't have to be sacrificed for better performance and technical reliability. Mazda models are renowned for both relatively low maintenance costs and modern design.

Каковы преимущества подержанных автомобилей Mazda?

ReliabilityIndex gives Mazda vehicles under the age of 3 years the highest rating – 5 stars. At the same time, used Mazda models also received a high rating – 4 stars for Mazda vehicles aged between 3-8 years.

Also among the brands included in the review done by Which?, Mazda is rated as one of the most reliable cars. According to Mazda owners, most Mazda vehicles require maintenance due to minor technical issues, most of which are not related to the engine. Such problems are usually related to other electrical components, such as lowering electric windows, moving mirrors, or opening the sunroof.

In addition, the study shows that Mazdas between 3 and 8 years of age old break down half as often as cars of other brands of the same age. In addition, in cases where Mazda vehicles require more serious repairs, on average it takes only 2 days.

One of the main benefits of buying a used Mazda is the lower cost of the car. Lightly used Mazdas under 5 years old are in relatively good technical condition. At the same time, a research done by "Which?" confirmed that even older Mazda models were much more reliable than other brands. In addition, used Mazdas which are 10 or more years old are available in the used car market at very affordable prices.

In general, the benefits of choosing a used Mazda model are brand reliability, more affordable prices, and cheaper parts.

Why buy a new Mazda?

There is no denying that new Mazda models are more reliable than used Mazda vehicles. All new cars, including all new Mazda models, have a reliable mileage history and are in excellent technical condition. In addition, completely new Mazdas are more reliable in terms of technical issues. This is also confirmed by study done by ReliabilityIndex, seing how newer Mazdas got the highest rating and older Mazdas got 1 star less.

What's more, new Mazda models come with a factory warranty, which means that even if the car does break down, you won't have to pay out of pocket for service visits during the warranty period. Therefore, the owner of a new Mazda has practically no additional costs for maintaining the car.

Also, the latest technologies are used in the production of new Mazda models. Year after year, Mazda improves its safety standards. That's why new Mazda models continue to surpass their predecessors in terms of safety standards.

A new Mazda has neither technical nor emotional wear and tear. Therefore, buying a new Mazda model is more emotionally satisfying.

How do you a Mazda from an honest seller?

Given that scammers operate in both the used and new car markets, the buyer should carefully verify the identity of the car seller. Advertisement portal dalder.lv is the first advertisement portal in Latvia where you can read reviews from other buyers. Each seller's profile also contains a buyer's rating on a 5-star system, which gives an idea of the average buyer satisfaction with the quality of the purchased car.

It should be noted that any car, including Mazda, can be sold on fraudulent marketplaces or platforms. Unfortunately, there are cases when, after the payment is sent, the site is deleted, and it is no longer possible to contact the seller. Therefore, in order to buy a new or used Mazda model, it is recommended to use official sites, for example, dalder.lv, where reviews of registered users serve as a guarantor of reliability.

How do I get the green light when buying a used car?

When buying any used car, including a used Mazda, you cannot rely solely on the reliability of the brand or the reputation of the seller. Each car must be evaluated separately, because its wear and tear depend not only on the mileage, but also on how carefully the owner treated the car every day and whether maintenance was carried out correctly.

Before buying the chosen used car, it is imperative to take it to a car service for car diagnostics. Here, a specialist determines the existing damages, and how much it will cost to eliminate them. The test allows you to predict how long a used Mazda model will last. Although vehicle diagnostics require an additional investment, as a result, the car buyer can avoid much higher costs in the future.

In the event the service mechanic gives the green light, there is nothing stopping you from buying a good pre-owned Mazda.

Buy or sell your Mazda on dalder.lv!

In any case, before buying a Mazda, you should research portals such as dalder.lv to learn more about the seller of the car from reviews of other buyers. In addition, this advertising portal is beneficial not only for buyers, but also for sellers – you can publish ads for free, and obtain your own personal and professional website.

Research shows that companies and sellers that do not have the opportunity to read any reviews are considered more untrustworthy and therefore buyers refrain from making a purchase from them. Therefore, if you need to sell a used or new Mazda, the reviews section of dalder.lv can significantly increase the chances of gaining the trust of buyers. In addition, you can reach a wider audience as all ads are automatically translated into 3 languages: Latvian, Russian and English.

Mazda is undoubtedly one of the most reliable car brands in the world. So, whether the buyer chooses a new or used model, Mazda is one of the safest choices out there.